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Dermatology Planet

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Forme et santé Médecine
Développeur Edizioni Scripta Manent s.n.c.

The skin is the largest organ in the human body. Unlike other organs, when
the skin is affected by imbalances or illnesses, anyone can easily see the
changes it undergoes. Maintaining or restoring the health of the skin are
objectives affecting all the individuals. With this app you will find daily news
and information in scientific and practice key on all aspects of skin health..
Do you need a dermatologist?
This app will give you all the information to find the one nearest to you,
showing you the phone number and address, and displaying on the map the
path to get there.
Are you a doctor or a dermatologist who wants to stay informed?
This app will update with a free reading of scientific articles written by
leading experts and will also offer the opportunity to buy at cheap prices,
books useful for your profession.